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Order Sentry is powered by OJMD Solutions Technology Philippines. OJMD Is a known eCommerce solutions provider in the Philippines with the only objective of making the lives of entrepreneur easy so they can focus more on their businesses. 

Order Sentry was developed to help fight a major eCommerce problem experienced in the Philippines or most countries using Cash On Delivery method for transaction. That problem is the high volume of fake or high risk orders on your Shopify or WooCommerce store.We have introduced a better way to fight this and that is by using OTP – One-time password before or after a customer checks out on your website to complete a purchase.

Using this system, Order Sentry will help you verify these orders by asking for an OTP either before or after checkout. Order Sentry uses the most efficient way of communication in the Philippines – SMS.

Most website visitors or shoppers visit your website on their mobile phone – 95% of them, so they must be with their phone or at least its handy while shopping. 

Order Sentry is also equipped with SMS notification feature for your store. You can notify your customers about their orders when shipped, cancelled, and created. This can be done with a fully customizable text done by you – The way you want it. 

We believe this system will surely help in fighting fake orders in the Philippines market and other markets as well. Our system is also dynamic – Which means that you can choose to use the OTP or just use it for SMS notifications or use it to recover your abandoned carts via SMS. 

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Odera Joseph E


Mary Deanna Dulay


Gian Crescini Reyes Santillan

Chief Technology Officer

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